Mobile wallets represent a brand new channel through which marketers can attain a persistent, direct connection to consumers. Walletron allows you to instantly, easily, and cost-effectively offer an outstanding customer experience blended with special, unique opportunities to reach your target market. With Walletron, you can:

  • Systematically maintain a branded presence on your customers' mobile devices
  • Notify customers within close proximity to your locations
  • Send instant over-the-air updates
  • Gather real-time performance data
  • Leverage built-in segmentation to push highly-targeted content to the right individuals at the right time

Walletron allows more direct engagement with your customers than any other digital channel. Through mobile wallets, Walletron enables marketers to push timely, relevant, valuable information to consumers for nonstop brand awareness, which leads to more visits and increased long-term customer value. Present any offering in the form of a coupon, loyalty program card, gift card, reservation confirmation, membership card or event ticket via Walletron for central access on a smartphone.

WalletronLoyalty-vs-Plastic Cards[4].jpg