A key advantage of Walletron's platform is the ability to retrieve and integrate customer data from your existing systems. We employ several techniques to provide the most personalized and valuable customer experience possible.

Our team’s experience in legacy systems integration enabled us to develop a leading architecture for integration whether real-time (fetch live points balances or recent payments) or batch (receive newly-issued bills). Whether the integration will require web services, MQ, or batch files of any shape and size, our cloud-based infrastructure and unique architecture means you’ll be up and running in days, not months.

We also facilitate data pulling from web services within your enterprise systems. Simply provide the access control credentials, target address and any data we need to pass to retrieve information for a specific customer, and you're all set. This can include retrieval of a single piece of data, the contents of an entire offer or even a list of sale items for individual distribution to your customers.

Integrating data back to your systems is another focus of our platform. So whether you're looking for adoption results data, a snapshot of all current item holders or the types of devices currently holding your published items, we can provide the feeds or web services access to provide the data you need back in your data warehouse, CRM and/or marketing automation platform.