Information security is paramount to Walletron. We handle your billing data with the utmost attention to its sensitivity. Some key elements of our approach to security via the AWS cloud are:

    • Virtual private cloud – no pieces of our infrastructure that house your data face the public Internet, ever.
    • Firewalls with least privilege routing – all traffic from the Internet and within our internal networks pass through firewalls that are configured to only allow connections that are expected and trusted.
    • Encryption and data security – data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Our IT professionals execute enterprise-grade security practices.


    Walletron leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) industry-leading platform. AWS operates under a shared responsibility model. This means that AWS manages the critical physical infrastructure, environments, firewalls – the security “of our cloud” and Walletron manages the security “in our cloud”. As such, Walletron is dedicated to maintaining compliance and best practices, some highlights are:

    • Policy – Walletron regularly updates its policies and ensures that staff are educated and monitored for policy compliance
    • Audits – Walletron has undergone audits from large enterprise organizations
    • Certifications – since AWS handles the security “of the cloud” most of today’s certifications apply to their configuration and practices and AWS has many certifications including PCI, SOC1, SOC2 and ISO27001.