Walletron manages its infrastructure in the industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. With its ability to scale on demand, implement granular security controls and quickly deploy application updates, Walletron takes full advantage of all that AWS offers.

Walletron engages Amazon Web Services experts in constantly improving the scale of our infrastructure. As a result, our platform has state of the art scalability features like:

  • Auto-scaling - when additional load is detected on the platform, additional server infrastructure is deployed automatically
  • Massive bandwidth and elastic load balancing - no need to worry about traffic overwhelming our services and traffic is smoothly distributed to the server infrastructure and should a server fall into poor health, traffic is diverted away immediately
  • Massive bandwidth – no need to worry about traffic overwhelming our services, through the Amazon cloud, we’re able to handle
  • Elastic computing power – when you need to updates millions of customers and light up their phones with data, this is no small computing feat. Fortunately, our infrastructure automatically prepares it manage this load with no impact to other activities customers may have underway
  • Disaster recovery – if problems arise in a physical location of the AWS cloud or with a portion of its services, Walletron has configured its infrastructure to fail over IMMEDIATELY to an alternate, geographically separate set of infrastructure.