Walletron 2018 Digital Engagement

As we embark on our exciting journey in 2018, we want to thank our partners, clients and friends for the tremendous success we had together in 2017.  THANK YOU!  Your enthusiasm and support for engaging consumers through their mobile wallets helped Walletron build new product features, launch dozens of new client and partner applications and achieve amazing adoption rates!  And even better, we were able to help billers connect digitally with their customers, reduce paper costs, speed payments and satisfy consumers through Walletron.

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2017 Walletron Highlights

We added 6 new Reseller Partners – leaders focused on helping billers across industries create digital relationships with consumers. Overall, the Walletron Network touches over 70% of all consumer billing in the US, more than 12 billion bills each year.

Consumers Added Walletron moBills® at Record Adoption Rates – some clients achieved over 20% adoption of their total consumer base in 2017; for one client, over 34% of all new consumers never got a bill, choosing moBills® over paper from the start. 

Billers Achieved Great Results - when billers added Walletron to their digital strategies,  paperless billing grew 24%, faster payments drove DSO down by 8%, and self-service through moBills®   reduced call center activity by 11%...all creating immediate ROI for billers.

Push Notifications Drove Payments – a utility client had an amazing 2017 monthly average of 39.2% of its enrolled customers tap to pay their bill through the mobile wallet after receiving a push notification!

Our team joined forces with Apple Pay and Android Pay to share our wallet billing experiences, introduced them to our partners and clients and planned our product roadmaps into 2018.

Walletron received a patent on our moBills® technology in October, 2017.

We met with you, our partners, clients and industry friends in your offices, at conferences like NACHA Payments, Money 2020, CS Week, AFS, etc. and performed over 380 demonstrations of our moBills® and loyalty products resulting in thousands of you adding Walletron moBills® passes to your phones.


2018 Walletron Focus

We expect more new billers across consumer industries to add Walletron services, expanding our footprint to serve billers’ digital billing and payment strategies.

We will continue to publish metrics and adoption techniques, helping our industry engage with consumers with frictionless digital experiences.

We will help Walletron clients achieve their digital goals AND drive revenue using our communication platform, timely and relevant notifications and faster payments.


Thanks again for all you’ve done to make Walletron successful so far!  We wish you great personal and professional success in all your goals for 2018. But most of all, we wish you a Happy and Healthy (and frictionless) Future!