Android Pay is now Google Pay!

Last week Google introduced a new brand, Google Pay, replacing Android Pay. 


The new brand was introduced as the combination of several products and consumer payment experiences including:  Play Store, Google Assistant, Chrome, Google Wallet and Android Pay.  The change is scheduled to take effect on February 20, 2018 so expect to see the Google Pay brand in digital media and Point-of-Sale locations worldwide.  Some important impacts of the change for mobile wallet users include a new logo for presenting in the consumer enrollment UX which highlights the concept that consumers are adding an item (card, pass, moBills®, etc.) to their phone, emphasizing the mobile experience over the less-specific Android Pay button.


The new logo button to add passes to an Android device

The new logo button to add passes to an Android device

Google Pay isn’t just about payments. It’s also about increasing engagement. Google Pay will have an added emphasis on integrating your billing and loyalty programs, and will even feature the introduction of new items like event tickets. Walletron will keep you up to date as new features become available.


How Walletron works with our customers to keep you up to date…

Walletron is in frequent conversations with Google (and Apple) about product changes and roadmap opportunities to improve the user experience, optimum effectiveness of the wallet templates and action screen payment and engagement capabilities.  Google has assured Walletron that there will not be any operational changes to the way we deliver digital content to Walletron moBills® and Walletron Loyalty passes in our customers’ consumers’ phones.

For those clients and partners which use the hosted Walletron platform to render enrollment images, no changes are required.  We’ll take care of making the changes on our side well before the February 20th switch date.  On February 20th and thereafter, your consumers will see the new Google Pay enrollment buttons replace the Android Pay icons in your web experience.  For our clients that host the icons themselves, we can review strategies for making the switch and share the Google new branding tool kit with you as well.  Contact your Walletron relationship manager for more details.


At Walletron, we are very pleased that Google is simplifying the user experience to grow consumer and merchant use of the mobile wallet.