How long does it take to implement Walletron?

We can have you up and running in weeks. It’s up to you how many data points we tie to your use case – we need as few as three (name, email, account number). We then guide you through customer adoption.

How much does it cost?

Pay only cents per active user, per month. We’re only successful when our customers are successful.

Who’s already using Walletron?

Many Fortune 500 brands are utilizing our platform to power their brand in the mobile wallets. Woven into existing offerings, we put your brand on the forefront of technology while providing customers what they want – smartphone convenience.

We have strict security protocols – no way this would fly. What are your standards?  

Walletron is routinely audited by Fortune 500 clients’ IT teams, and have never hit roadblocks due to security concerns. We are PCI compliant and we utilize AWS. We welcome your security due diligence.

What payment system does Walletron use?

We don’t process your customers’ payments, and we don’t store any payment data. Our system directs them right back to YOUR existing payment system. Think of moBills as a conduit or intermediary between customers’ smartphones and your payment system.

We already have an app. Why do we need Walletron?

What moBills delivers is completely different than an app, and can be used in conjunction with or free of an app. We establish your presence in the mobile wallets (Apple Wallet and Android Pay), native to 98.5% of smartphones. Our moBills product, for example, enables your bills take the form of a wallet item, and can be viewed without any clumsy login or app download.

What’s the ROI? We don’t have a budget for new technology.

Walletron opens up an entirely new channel in which you can communicate with your customers. Send notifications as often as you’d like – reminders, confirmations, even birthday wishes! – as long as your bill is in their wallet.

It’s proven: Our moBills solution gets you paid faster and increase paperless adoption. Because you only pay cents per user, it’s a win-win. ROI is clear.

What happens if someone loses their phone with a Walletron Card installed?

Worst case scenario: a thief pays a bill for you. moBills links to your website where customers' credit card or bank account information is not visible, so it cannot be used elsewhere or copied.

Why wouldn’t we just build this internally? We have a great tech team.

Walletron is continually updating our platform to keep it effective and current. We live and breathe the mobile wallet so you don’t have to.

Walletron holds a patent for mobile wallet billing. We were the first and are the only organization in the world to enable bill presentment this way.