Bank lending


Walletron’s broad mobile wallet digital communications capabilities help bankers and other lenders engage effectively with deposit and borrowing consumers. From bills and payments, to deposit and asset management, banking consumers have everything they need, right at their fingertips in the “always on” mobile device they use dozens of times every day. Grow lending and deposit businesses by meeting customers in the channels they wish to engage. Through Walletron, banks and other lenders deploy a unique set of tools to make customer interactions simple, secure and satisfying.

Consider using Walletron for digital engagement strategies to grow banking and lending businesses including:

Billing & Payment

  • New bill arrival, link to full statement
  • Two-tap bill payment
  • Payment confirmations
  • Cash payment options
  • Late payment notifications

Loan/Lease Documents & Updates

  • Link to borrower’s complete loan/lease documents
  • Notify of changes, updates
  • Offers for refinancing, lower costs

Prepaid Cards

  • Real-time balances
  • Coupon/Offer programs
  • Cash deposit options
  • Low balance notifications

Deposit & Asset Management Programs

  • Show balances and recent deposits
  • Link to full statements
  • Notify of deposits received
  • Update consumer-selected actions (e.g. stock price movement)